Music Hall MMF-5.1se Record Player | Product Features Video

A brief introductory look at the features and functions of the Music Hall MMF-5.1se Turntable. Watch as Mike from Bright Audio in New York City explains how to set up the mmf-5.1se.

Hi Guys, Mike here with Bright Audio. Over the last few years we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of turntables.  So today, we would like to show you one of our favorites: the Music Hall MMF-5.1 SE. Priced at just under $1,100 the MMF-5.1 has the kind of looks and build quality you might expect from a more expensive turntable. Most notable is the dual plinth design, which on the SE comes in a high quality Rosenut veneer.

The design features a sorbothane layer, which means less vibration, (and less vibration means higher resolution and richer sound.) It has a top of the line CARBON FIBER tonearm and comes with Music Hall’s popular “Mojo” Cartridge. The MMF-5.1 has a high end asynchronous motor and the platter rides on precision stainless steel bearings — Out of the box you will receive a turntable with the arm and cartridge already installed, a counter weight,  anti-skidding weight, rubber drive belt, RCA audio cables with ground, steel platter, record clamp, power supply and dust cover.— Assembling the turntable is simple.

First step is to remove the three transport screws located on the plinth and remove the twist tie which holds the tone arm in place during shipping. The second step is to install the turntable’s drive belt and platter. Step three is to install the tone arm’s counter weight followed by the anti skidding weight.  The fourth step is to attach the included Audio cables… be sure to connect the ground wire. The Fifth step is to connect the power supply. The Final step is to level the turntable using the bubble level built into the tables plinth. At this point feel free to install the turntables plexi-glass cover, but we think it looks better without it. Once assembled we believe you will find that the Music Hall MMF-5.1 SE provides high resolution, classic analog, and warm and engaging sound.

If you are in the market please follow the link below to inquire or purchase from our website, This is Mike from Bright Audio, thanks for watching. see you next time.