Hi, Bright Home Theater (BHT) recently installed a 50″ plasma at a clients and he wanted the TV to be able to be seen from different parts of the apartment. Normally a Flat mount (flat and tight against the wall), or a Tilt mount (against the wall, but tilts anywhere from 7-15 degree’s primarily to combat glare) are what we use.
However, Articulated mounts are cool, cool, cool. An Articulated mount is able to be pulled out from the wall a couple feet and can both tilt (as above) and turn left and right (some up to 180 degrees!) When needed or simply wanted there is no other answer for the Articulated mount.
However, there are some challenges!
1) Supporting the weight of the TV on an articulated mount when pulled out from the wall
2) Sound (How do you get sound that “sounds right” if you watching/listening from different locations?
First of all, our installation crew (Eric and Chris) know what to do to deal with the weight. Since they deal with brick, plaster or drywall they know a lot and have the tools to get the job done. Whether it is is reinforcing the wall with plywood or 2×4’s or using the Hilti system they can get the job done.
Secondly: sound. We recommend Surround Sound Bars from Definitive Technologies and Polk Audio.
Here is a review of the Definitive Technology from CNET and Home Theater Review.
Surround Sound bars have 5 channels of sound in one speaker: that means the front right and left, the center and the two “rear” speakers. The sound bar on an articulated mount can be attached to the mount. This means the sound follows the TV. While not ideal, at least you can have a simulation of front back and center wherever you watch and listen from!
(Other reasons for surround sound bars are to decrease the cost and complexity of wire runs to rear speakers, to deal with rooms that have 3 sides of floor to ceiling windows, or simply to save space! et. al.)
The articulated mount and center channel mount we use most frequently are Sanus Single Arm or Dual Arm mount, with Center Channel Mount.
If you have any questions about mounting TV’s and speakers please give us a call!


Bright Home Theater has done a fantastic job, we can not be more please and excited. As we finish unpacking and setting up our new apartment, you guys have helped make it a home. Your team was great, responsive, and listened to our needs/ideas and found practical solutions (always sensitive to the costs). You are exactly what we were looking for in a partner and you exceeded expectations. We would recommend you to anyone looking.



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