We are pretty excited here at Bright Home Theater. Or at least those of us who have an iPhone/iPod touch.
SONOS, which we often recommend and use here in the office and in our showrooms, came out with an application which enables your iPhone/iPod touch to control your SONOS system. In some initial tests the controller works just as well as the regular controller.
In the intense inter-office battle between bragging rights between the iPhone and the Blackberry, it looks like I am another step ahead.
So to all of our clients using Sonos, please download the application and try it out yourself!

Here is theSonos announcement:

Sonos. It’s getting better all the time.

The Sonos experience has gotten better yet again, this time with new software upgrades that bring your customers more choice about how they access their music, and a whole new world of free music.

*More music control. Introducing the new‚Äîand free‚ÄîSonos Controller for iPhone‚Ñ¢. Customers who have iPhones or an iPod® touch are likely prospects for a Sonos purchase‚Äînow that the Sonos Controller for iPhone app turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a full-fledged Sonos Controller.

The iPhone connects to their existing wireless network, not to the Sonos mesh network. But it still has all the basic functionality of the Sonos Controller. With this application, they can walk in their front door, take their iPhone or iPod touch out of their pocket and control music in every room of their home with just the touch of a finger.

The app is free and downloadable on the iPhone App Store. Check out this demo for more information. Then spread the word to your customers and prospects.

More free music. There’s Sonos Radio, the free connection to more than 15,000 Internet radio stations. Sonos owners can tune in the world‚Äîfrom Antarctica to Zimbabwe‚Äîjust by tapping a button on their Controller.

We’ve just added another free online music service‚ÄîLast.fm. Your customers can create and influence personal radio stations based on their artist and genre preferences, directly from their Controller.

They can also now access Pandora® free of charge‚Äîand still free of computers‚Äîto hear music based on their personal music preferences.

Sonos owners can take advantage of these upgrades by simply updating their system’s software. It’s a good time for them to add new zones, so they can bring more free music to more rooms of their home‚Äîfor the holidays and beyond.

Considering these upgrades, there’s also never been a better time for customers still considering a Sonos purchase to take that step.


I think very highly of Bright Home Theater. They are a really talented group, totally full of audio geeks who know what they are doing. They are very fair and offer reasonable pricing, working with me to get the best solution for my budget. I generally liked the experience I had with them a lot. They're a great group. The only downside is that they definitely have more work than they do people, and sometimes it's more difficult to get a hold of the manager, Kerry, than I would like. It can be difficult to schedule an appointment, and for Kerry to get back to you, but other than that Bright Home Theater is awesome.

Kevin C.


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